Offshore Foundations

Set Up an Offshore Foundation Online! is owned by CCP Inc. This site offers offshore foundation formation in four of our recommended best tax havens — Anguilla, Belize, Nevis and Panama. Our company lawyers or our subsidiaries in these jurisdictions are licensed offshore service providers.

All offered offshore foundations benefit from tax exemptions, easy management, fast formation, and legislation that ensure protection, privacy and confidentiality. But whether you are an individual or a corporate body, you can take advantage of the many uses and benefits of the offshore foundation.

Offshore Foundation - Best Prices and Online Formation

Offshore foundations registration packages we offer are structured to meet your personal and business needs. Offshore foundations can be formed with your own members, or for more discretion you may choose to use nominee members which we provide. Private foundation is easy to manage and even easier to maintain. All that is required is the payment of an annual renewal fee, which we process for you. Private interest foundation structure is entirely up to you. You may form your foundation with one or many members.

The prices/fees on offshore foundations packages cover all the essentials for your foundation: incorporation fees, government fees, registered agent’s fees, registered office fees, courier fees and nominee service fees (if this service is used).

We offer offshore foundation formation in the jurisdiction of your choice. Our online formation process is secure, your information is protected. Choose your preferred method of payment from several options which are: online debit or credit cards, Money Gram, bank wire transfer, Western Union.

If you want a more personal interface with us our contact us page will have all the ways in which you can reach us.

As your agent, we will ensure you have all the necessary paperwork in place to get your foundation in less than 3 days (some in less than 2 depending on the location). We use only trusted courier services to deliver your packages safely and privately to you anywhere in the world.

Offshore Foundation Bank Accounts

Foundations are legal entities that can open bank accounts and own brokerage accounts. We recommend you take advantage of our bank introduction services;  you can choose from various distinct financial institutions in Belize, Nevis, Cyprus, Latvia, Tanzania, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. These low cost introductions are worth the costs. Otherwise, opening an offshore bank account on your own might be a hassle, painstakingly tedious, harrowing experience. We have the experience and long established contacts; we will have all the required documentation from our site prepared and will give you detailed instructions concerning bank application to save you time and money.

Asset Protection — Foundation and Company Packages

Private foundations have been used by individuals, families and corporate entities for very much the same intention for centuries: to protect asset or wealth for the benefit of a group of special persons. Since then, the use and set up of private interest foundations has been modified to meet modern times to cater for business enterprises and as a result special asset protection packages are designed.

Our parent website CCP Inc skillfully combines offshore companies with offshore foundation into offshore asset protection packages. In these packages the shares of the offshore tax free company are transferred to the offshore foundation, thereby providing immediate and sound protection of wealth and assets. In addition, since these are officially offshore entities set up in pure tax havens, they are exempted from all taxes. Any revenue generated through the company or the foundation is tax free. It is the offshore company private foundation combination that enables you to conduct business activities in a regular manner.

Offshore Foundations Uses

Many people tend to associate foundations with charitable causes (charities), for example, Feed the Hungry Foundation, where money is generated (passively) for a specific cause for specific group of people. However, foundations can be put to use in greater ways for more personal uses, for example, to protect a family’s wealth, as a father wanting to protect his children’s interest. And with the advent of offshore legislation, foundations can benefit even further from tax exemptions. In such instances the non purpose foundation is used. It may not have a charitable purpose, but t is set up specifically for the benefit of others (children, spouses, family, or other groups) by a person or persons.

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