About Us

OffshoreFoundation.com is a website owned by CCP Inc. The site offers services for offshore foundation registration in four offshore centers — specifically — Anguilla, Nevis, Belize and Panama. Part of our essential services is offshore banking services in which we provide bank accounts for both trade and investment purposes. You can choose a corporate bank account from one of five recommended international banks.

In addition to our formation services we provide indispensable maintenance services and a selection of supplementary services that will enhance your offshore foundation. Our most important accessory services are nominee services, mail service, legal opinions and file/document reproduction.

Our parent company, CCP Inc., has been providing professional offshore company registration, offshore foundation formation, offshore trust formation services for well over 15 years. CCP Inc. is an authorized promoter of second citizenship program.

We pride ourselves in providing inexpensive offshore services which will enable our clients to take advantage of offshore asset protection, tax exemption and other benefits of going offshore. All communication with us is strictly confidential, and we ensure client privacy at all times.


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