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Anguilla Foundation Legislation

Anguilla Foundations Advantages

Requirements for Anguilla Foundation Establishment

If you want to order an Anguilla Offshore Foundation these are the specific conditions and requirements that must be fulfilled.

Bodies of the Anguilla Foundation

Anguilla  Foundations Maintenance

Anguilla Offshore Foundation Restrictions

Documentation Required for Anguilla Foundation Registration

Information you will need for DOE completion:

  1. Name of foundation — must end with the word ‘Foundation’ or an abbreviated form of the word.
  2. Initial endowment value (no less than $10,000).
  3. Name and addresses of:
    1. Founder
    2. Anguilla Foundation council member ( nominee or personal)
    3. Secretary ( we provide)
    4. Guardian ( if desired)
    5. Designated beneficiaries (if any)
  4. Purpose of the foundation
  5. Provisions for powers, inclusion of Bylaws, and other lawful provisions.

Once we have received payment and completed your order for the Anguilla foundation, you will be sent a Certificate of Registration as proof of existence. It is issued by the Registrar and contains only:

The certificate is valid for one year from date of registration, after which you must complete the renewal process. There are penalty fees for late renewals and if not renewed Anguilla foundation can be struck off or terminated.

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