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Nevis Multiform Foundations

The Nevis Multiform Foundation is a uniquely customized foundation; a redesigned foundation capable of choosing one of many forms:

  1. Company Foundation (with Limited liability)
  2. Company Foundation (not a limited liability company)
  3. Partnership Foundation
  4. Trust Foundation
  5. Ordinary Purpose Foundation

Through this revision of the law, the foundation can do what most others can’t. The foundation imitates the features and characteristics of the chosen form. As an example — the “Company Foundation” can operate as a fully functional company, with foundation protecting assets. Since ordinary foundations are not intended to undertake daily profit making activity, any one of the corporate foundations will suit. With the Nevis Multiform Company Foundation, it’s the total package.

The Nevis Multiform Offshore Foundation is easy to set up and we are experienced in setting up Nevis Foundations taking on any form.

Nevis Foundation Legislation

Nevis Foundations Advantages

Requirements for Nevis Foundation Establishment

When you order a Nevis foundation these are the specific conditions and requirements that must be fulfilled.

The Bodies of the Nevis Foundation

Nevis Foundation Maintenance Requirements

Nevis Offshore Foundations Restrictions

Nevis Foundation Documentation

Once you order a Nevis Foundation online, you will need to have the following:

  1. Name of a Nevis foundation — must end with the word “Foundation” or an abbreviated form of the word, and must denote the type of multiform by using acceptable extensions.
  2. Particulars on the initial subscription.
  3. Multiform and particulars in respect to multiform.
  4. Name and addresses of:
    1. Founder
    2. Management board member (nominee or personal)
    3. Secretary (we provide)
    4. Guardian (if desired)
    5. Designated beneficiaries (if any)
    6. Purpose of the foundation
  5. Duration
  6. Revocability
  7. Provisions for powers, inclusion of Bylaws, and other lawful provisions

Once we have received payment and completed your order for Nevis foundation, you will be sent a Certificate of Registration as proof of existence. It is issued by the Registrar and contains only:

The certificate is valid for one year from the date of registration, after which you must complete the renewal process. There are penalty fees for late renewals and if not renewed Nevis foundation can be struck off or terminated.

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