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Are you looking for asset protection? The foundation and the trust are two entities that have been used by homeowners and business persons for wealth planning, tax planning, estate planning, and to shield assets. Whenever an offshore company and any one of these offshore entities are used together, you have the making of iron clad asset protection.

An offshore company with an offshore trust or an offshore foundation provides an extra level of asset protection, however, the offshore LLC on its own, offers asset protection, and is ideal for US investors and businessmen, since all 50 states include Charging Order Protection in their LLC laws.

While our site is set up specifically for offshore foundation formation, our parent website CCP Inc. offers a wide range of offshore asset protection packages. Using our online formation services you can choose an offshore company and combine it with an offshore trust or an offshore foundation from many different jurisdictions worldwide.

The best asset protection for investors with existing offshore companies or those desirous of having an offshore company with concrete asset protection comes in affordable asset protection packages available at CCP Inc.

Asset Protection — How it Works With A Foundation

The asset protection packages are set up in such a way that during the online formation process you systematically get to choose the components of the package.

The company incorporation is first, formed using either your officers or nominee officers (highly recommended). Then when you register the asset protection entity (trust or foundation), the company’s ownership (not management) is transferred to the entity. So technically, you do not own that company, the foundation or the trust does. As such, the company is not part of your estate (though you control of the company and its activities). If your are sued, or declare bankruptcy, or have other similar claims or judgments made against you (and assets), neither the company nor the entity can be included in settlement.

Both the stand-alone foundation we offer and the asset protection package (available from CCP Inc.) are competitively priced, so you can afford to include an offshore foundation as part of your tax, estate, wealth or asset protection planning.

For simple and affordable offshore foundations formation, you have come to the right place. Our fees and offers are the best you can find. If you have any questions about offshore foundation formation, contact us. We offer foundation formation in Panama, Anguilla, Nevis and Belize. However, if you want asset protection packages, visit our parent website CCP Inc. for details on comprehensive asset protection packages using trust, companies and foundations.

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